Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Ultra Rare Pop Figure

At my local mall, there is a Hello Kitty store that sells all sorts of items that range from animé merchandise, to stuffed animals to Funko Pop figures. My family and I obviously frequent this retailer quite often!

The other day, as I ventured into that store, the girl working there was opening a new shipment of Pop Figures and some of them were from the movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas. They received Jack and Nightshade Sally (I already own) but I noticed that they also received a special edition "Pumpkin King" one. I was told that figures like these are sold exclusively to small retailers and you will never find them at a big name store. They are also pretty rare. This was double the cost of a normal Pop figure but I had to bring him home with me! He is just too cute and is keeping the others company!
Pumpkin King!!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

How to calm a nervous cat and other things

I have not been posting as much as I like but I have not really been inspired to write about anything. I still have not really bought any new clothes to show off (whole weight loss thing and self imposed shopping ban) but I am awaiting for some new accessories to arrive so there should be something soon. I have not really been inspired to post anything goth related either. If I did, I would just be regurgitating what others (myself included) have said. Health wise, I am doing much better. I was looking forward to this weekend as it is Easter. Unlike last year, I will not be hosting Easter dinner and do not plan to do anything with my family (aside from my mom's taxes, good times) I just took it easy and enjoyed the milder temperatures outdoors.

All week, we noticed that our cat Merry was hiding a lot. We noticed her bowls were being emptied and we had to refill her water dish. I am reassured that she is eating and drinking but she is skittish. She has always been a skittish cat but she was acting more nervous than usual. We finally connected the dots as to why she was acting this way: Last weekend, we purchased a new bed for Philip. Incidentally, have I told you how much I hate Ikea? The crowds of people, the long lineups, getting a huge ass heavy box in and out of a car in the rain? Not to mention a bored kid who drove me up the wall?

 This is how we got the box in the car. Good thing we have two cars!!!

When we FINALLY brought the box home, Jay takes it out of the car but the box got wet from the rain... part of the items fell out in our driveway! Luckily nothing got damaged and we were able to retrieve all the pieces. Anyways, there is a point to all this and as to why Merry was upset. You see, the cat sleeps with Philip and the new bed obviously didn't sit well with her. I finally found Merry from her hiding place, picked her up (odd she hates being picked up but she let me carry her this time) and I put her on Philip's bed. He was sound asleep and didn't notice. I pet the cat to reassure her that it was OK. It was her bed too and she didn't need to stop sleeping with him at night. She settled down, all curled up in a little ball, next to Philip. I checked on her later and she wasn't there but that's ok. Philip moves around a lot in his sleep and probably kicked her off the bed! She seems much better today. Jay found a play list on Youtube that is supposed to calm cats. The last few times we played it, it worked! I know it sounds silly but cats are fickle creatures.The play list depressed the fuck out of me and I had to get Jay to turn it off but Merry ventured out of her hiding place and was sociable. I think we will put this on when we leave! We are planning on adopting a dog in the near future. Another change for the kitty so this play list is going to come in handy!

Merry curled up in a ball on her favourite chair

I have been feeling a little down. My cat Pippin passed on in December and we miss him very much. I cannot get another cat as it is too soon for me. I think a dog, something that I can walk and take with me to places will do me a world of good. Merry is more Philip's cat and I need a pet of my own. Perhaps one day, I will get another cat but for the time being, I cannot replace Pippin.

The calming cat video is below but  here is the link:

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Weight loss update and a thank you

I discovered recently that I lost 30 pounds. This was accomplished by lots of hard work and tears. It is not an easy journey but it is worthwhile. There are times I would get frustrated because I am not a patient person and the scale wasn't moving fast enough for my liking.  I like to think that not only my accomplishment was a result of my hard work, it was thanks to some of you. Many readers like yourselves (as well as people I know in real life) have offered me kind words and commented on how great I look. As a result, so many people were encouraged to start their own lifestyle change and are taking better care of themselves. This motivates me to keep exercising and eating healthier because I don't want to let anyone down!

 Once I reach my ideal weight (remember, I am being followed by a doctor, I still have some more pounds to lose) I don't think I will ever go back to my bad habits. My father passed away when I was still quite young due to some poor lifestyle decisions he made. By the way I was going, I could have ended up the same way and I want to live a long time for my son. I experienced such loss and tragedy at a young age, I should know better!

As much as I tried to embrace my body and be positive about it, I didn't find myself to be attractive. I really wish I could see through the eyes of those who tell me that I am beautiful because for a long time, I was never able to see myself that way. By working out and eating healthy, I am learning to love and appreciate my body more. In fact, this motivated me to get help with my chronic migraines. I am on a preventive and they are much less frequent than they used to be. I have gotten my life back in so many ways. I never expected such positive results!

Photo on the left taken July 2016 (168 pounds), photo on the right taken April 2017(138 pounds) - I am almost at my BMI!


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